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Subsurface Flow Module

Subsurface Flow Module
ENVIRONMENTAL ENGINEERING: A hypothetical case where a breach in a nuclear waste repository is modelled, and nuclides flow out through a fracture in the surrounding rock and backfill in the tunnel above. The model has been produced by Veli-Matti Pulkkanen, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.

The Subsurface Flow Module is designed for geophysical and environmental phenomena studies such as the modeling of groundwater flow, the spread of pollution through soil, and oil and gas flow in porous media. The Richards’ Equation interface describes nonlinear flow in variably saturated porous media while the options for saturated porous media include the Darcy’s Law interface for slow flow and the Brinkman Equations interface where shear is non-negligible. Free laminar Navier-Stokes flow can easily be combined with porous media flow and even include flow in thin fractures. The Module also handles solute transport in solid, liquid, and gas phases for free, saturated, and variably saturated fluid flows, including solute transport in fractures.

For heat transfer simulations, background geotherms are available as well as automated calculation of effective thermal properties for multicomponent systems. Compaction and subsidence modeling is enabled by a very powerful user interface for poroelasticity. To apply multiphysics modeling to geophysical and environmental applications, the Subsurface Flow Module also allows arbitrary couplings to other physics interfaces in COMSOL Multiphysics, such as chemical reaction kinetics and electromagnetics.

The Subsurface Flow Module was previously known as the Earth Science Module.


Application Areas

  • Estuary and riparian analyses—flow, advection and diffusion
  • Gas storage, remediation and sequestration
  • Heat transfer in porous media
  • Mechanical and gravity dewatering of porous and fibrous materials
  • Petroleum extraction analysis
  • Pollutant plume analyses in subsurface, surface and atmospheric flows
  • Poroelastic compaction & subsidence, stress and fracture analysis
  • Saturated and unsaturated porous media flow
  • Shallow water flows and sediment transport
  • Single phase, multiphase and foam flow through porous media
  • Water table analyses and saline intrusion into groundwater
  • Well head analyses
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