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2DOF Planar Robot

2DOF Planar Robot

A Robotic Experiment That Could Take Notes
Introducing the 2 DOF Planar Robot. Use this parallel robotic manipulator to teach various robotics concepts to senior undergraduate and graduate students. The pedagogical curriculum provided with the device, along with QUARC® control design environment represents a comprehensive plug-and-play solution for teaching and research. So you get a methodical approach for teaching robotics.

Go Beyond the Classroom
The robot’s robust design and its harmonic drive actuators also make this manipulator suitable for advanced research in robotics.

How It Works
The 2 DOF Planar Robot is comprised of a five-bar parallel mechanism driven by two DC motors with harmonic drive gearboxes. These harmonic drives provide gearing with zero backlash. Motor position feedback for both motors is provided by optical encoders. They measure the angular position of the motor shaft. The five-bar mechanism has a unique end-effector which allows the robot to hold a pen. By actuating the end-effector linked solenoid, the pen can be deployed. The result? Robot motions are traced on paper below.

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