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Dual Inverted Pendulum

Dual Inverted Pendulum

The High Fidelity Linear Cart (HFLC) consists of a cart equipped with a 400 Watt, 3 phase brushless motor. The motor is equipped with a pinion that drives against a toothed rack such that the cart moves in a linear fashion. The motor shaft is coupled to an encoder such that cart position can be measured.
The cart is equipped with two unpowered joints instrumented with optical encoders. These joints can be used to mount up to two rotating pendula directly on the cart to perform a variety of experiments of incremental complexity. One pendulum sensor is mounted directly on top of the cart such that the rotation of the pendulum rod is limited to +/- 0.55 radians. The other pendulum sensor is equipped with an extended shaft such that a pendulum can be suspended to perform self erecting experiments.

The HFLC System contains all the mechanical components required to perform the following ten experiments:

1. Linear speed control
2. Linear position control
3. Single inverted pendulum
4. Self erecting single pendulum
5. Dual inverted pendulum
6. Double inverted pendulum
7. Triple inverted pendulum
8. Single pendulum gantry
9. Double pendulum gantry
10. Triple pendulum gantry


Switching from one configuration to another is attained in seconds. All system parameters are fully documented. Nonlinear and linear mathematical models as well as sample functional linear controllers are supplied for each of the experiments listed above. You can even be creative and attempt to control a new configuration such as a double pendulum on one joint and a gantry on the other : now balance the double pendulum and dampen the swinging of the gantry at the same time!

Advanced Undergrad/ Graduate/ Research

High Performance Linear System Product Range

  • Double Inverted Pendulum

  • HFLC-dual

    Dual Inverted Pendulum

  • HFLC_single

    Single Inverted Pendulum

  • Triple Inverted Pendulum

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