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Gyro / Stable Platform

Gyro / Stable Platform

Design a control system to maintain the line of sight of an instrument mounted on a rotating platform.

This system is similar in nature to the control problem encountered in instruments mounted on ships. A rate gyro is mounted on the vertical shaft of a DC motor. The DC motor frame is free to rotate about the vertical axis by an unknown amount. The gyro deflection angle about the horizontal axis is measured using a sensor.

The desired outcome is to design a feedback controller that measures the gyro deflection and maintains the line of sight of the gyro frame independent of the unknown rotation at the base of the frame. As an example, a radar beam aboard a ship is expected to point in a fixed direction independent of the unknown yaw motion of the ship. This is the same as requiring the line of sight of the gyro to remain constant. The system is supplied with a PI controller. You may design any other controller you wish.

Undergraduate – second course / Graduate / Project / Research

Rotary Product Range

  • 2DOF-ballBalance

    2DOF Ball Balancer

  • 2DOF-inverted

    2DOF Inverted Pendulum

  • 2DOF-robot

    2DOF Robot

  • Rotary-ball-beam-exp

    Ball and Beam

  • dlb-invert-pend

    Double Inverted Pendulum

  • flex-link

    Flexible Link

  • gyro-stable

    Gyro / Stable Platform

  • inverted-pend

    Inverted Pendulum

  • multi-DOF

    Multi DOF Torsion

  • srvo

    Position Servo (SRV02)

  • QUBE Servo


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