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IMDU: Multi DOF Torsion

IMDU: Multi DOF Torsion

Save on Servo Essentials
The Industrial Mechatronic Drives Base Unit (IMDU) offers a practical and economical way to teach and research basic and advanced servo control. Its expandable base unit comes with two modules. Teaching can include backlash and friction compensation, haptics and teleoperation, web winding control, minimization of torsional vibration, and coupled high-order implementations of complex industrial processes. The IMDU and its modules are also excellent tools for industrial R&D applications, allowing for the practical implementation of applied control.

Learn more about its unique features and the three experiments available with IMDU: Industrial Plant Emulation, Web Transport Module, Torsion Module.

Curriculum Topics Provided – Request a Curriculum Sample

Base Unit

  • Position Control
  • Speed Control
  • Rate Control with Disturbance Rejection
  • Haptic Dial

Add-on Modules

  • Web Transport control (requires web transport module)
  • Torsion modeling and control

Other Possible Curriculum*

  • Lead/Lag Compensation
  • State-Feedback
  • Frequency Analysis (e.g. Gain and Phase Stability Margins)
  • Root Locus Design
  • Backlash Compensation
  • Friction Identification and Compensation
  • Robustness (e.g. Sensitivity)
  • Teleoperation
  • Force Control
  • Haptic Knob Interaction
  • Advanced Modeling
  • System Identification
  • Multivariable Control
  • Adaptive Control
  • Vibration Control

*Please note these possible curriculum topics may not be included in the manual supplied with this experiment.

How It Works
The IMDU base unit is configurable for three experiments: Industrial Plant Emulator, Web Transport and Multiple-Degree-Of-Freedom Torsion.

Experiment 1: Industrial Plant Emulation
IMDU base unit as an industrial plant emulator is a compact, versatile, table-top apparatus for teaching, studying and improving industrial control. Two shafts are motor-driven via a 3:1 belt drive. Meanwhile the other two shafts are free to rotate inside low-friction bearing blocks. One of the motors may be used as a drive motor while the other can be used to impose disturbances. Emulate the real-world by introducing non-linear properties such as friction and backlash to the system.

Experiment 2: Web Transport Module
The IMDU Web Transport Module illustrates the principles of web tension and speed control design, implementation and testing. This module consists of two hubs which carry standard paper rolls or other web material. In addition, a speed roller is attached to one of the unactuated shafts and is used to measure paper linear speed independent of hub paper content.

Experiment 3: Torsion Module
This robust Multiple-Degree-Of-Freedom (Multi-DOF) Module addresses torsion dynamics challenges. Building on the same base unit, you can explore the torsional vibration effects and regulate the position of the shaft. The module mounts on the IMDU base unit and consists of a sturdy torsion frame and two flexible steel shafts. Two flexible steel members are supplied and can be assembled into the unit to introduce flexible coupling between shafts.

Unique Features of this Experiment

  • Variable inertial load
  • Adjustable friction and backlash units are supplied for base unit
  • Many possible configurations using external gears and belts

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Product Information

IMDU Product Information

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We offer unique and pioneeing 'state of the art' hardware and software solutions for business and educational needs.
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