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Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum

Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum

Expand the Classic Inverted Pendulum Challenge

The Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum is ideal to introduce intermediate and advanced control concepts and theories relevant to real-world challenges of stabilizing large lightweight structures.

The Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum module is used attached to the Linear Servo Base Unit (IP02). This set up augments the classic inverted pendulum challenge by introducing a flexible link that requires balancing. Students learn how to:

  • obtain a state-space representation of the open-loop system
  • design and tune a LQR-based state-feedback controller
  • simulate the system and use the designed state-feedback controller to ensure the system is stabilized
  • implement the controller and evaluate the system’s performance

In addition to teaching intermediate control concepts, the Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum can be used for research in various areas, including fuzzy control, nonlinear control, adaptive control and intelligent control.


How It Works

The Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum module is composed of a rigid 24-inch aluminum blue rod and a flexible link with an end weight mounted at the end. The module easily attaches to the front pendulum shaft on the Linear Servo Base Unit cart and is free to rotate 360 degrees. The angles of the pendulums are sensed using the Linear Servo pendulum shaft encoder. The deflection angle of the flexible link is measured using an analog strain gage sensor.

The balance control applies a voltage to the Linear Servo cart based on the rigid and flexible pendulum angles such that both the rigid and flexible pendulums are balanced in the upright, vertical position. The robustness of the system can be tested when the strain gage measurement is not used.



Linear Product Range

  • flex-joint

    Flexible Joint

  • flexJoint-invertPendulum

    Flexible Joint with Inverted Pendulum

  • inverted-pendulum

    Inverted Pendulum

  • Linear--dlb-Inverted

    Linear Double Inverted

  • linear_flexible_inverted_pendulum-680x350

    Linear Flexible Inverted Pendulum

  • flexJoint-seesaw

    Linear Flexible Joint on Seesaw

  • seesaw


  • seesaw-pendulum

    Seesaw Pendulum

Product Information
Product Information


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