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Quarc 2.2

Quarc 2.2

Control Design, Now Accelerated
Spend more time designing, less time coding. Designed by engineers for engineers, QUARC significantly accelerates the control design and implementation process. Like with its popular predecessor WinCon, QUARC helps you perform high-end research with hard real-time using the QNX® Neutrino Real Time Operating System. Alternatively you can attain soft real-time when running on Windows-based operating systems.

QUARC seamlessly integrates with Simulink® for rapid controls prototyping and hardware-in-the-loop testing. It is fully integrated with Simulink Coder. You can draw a controller, generate code and run it in real-time without time-consuming hand coding.

QUARC supports number of interfaces to ease research using popular third-party devices, including KUKA Robots, SensAble Phantoms, Schunk Grippers and much more. Click here for the latest list of interfaces supported by QUARC.

Academic Use
Designed to meet industrial demands, QUARC has become a valuable tool for educators focused on advanced research, masters’ level teaching and even undergraduate teaching. Learn its key features.

Teach Controls: Provide industry-relevant hands-on learning for various engineering disciplines. Learn more »

Facilitate Masters-Level Research: Explore practical solutions for real-life challenges with a synergistic approach. Learn more »

Enable Innovative Research: Help researcher focus on innovation in emerging areas such as Unmanned Vehicle Systems and Haptics. Learn more »

Boost Industrial R&D
Affordable rapid control prototyping decreases development time and costs while increasing project manageability. Learn more »

Save on Academic Software Licenses
Special academic pricing is available for faculty, staff or researchers at educational institutions.

You can choose either a single- or multiple-user license. Either license is suitable for use with:

  • Quanser plants
  • Equipment from other manufacturers (e.g. Kuka Robotics, SensAble PHANTOM)
  • Or your own devices

Single User License: Interested in a license for a university-owned machine? Consider the academic single-user license option. It’s included with almost all Quanser turnkey solutions for teaching, masters’ level or advanced research. Request a quote »

Multiple-User License: Provide your entire department or campus access to QUARC software. Plus optimize network set-up and maintenance together. A network license allows a pre-determined number of faculty, staff or students to use QUARC simultaneously to generate and compile real-time code. Simply determine the number of users before purchase. Request a quote »

New features of QUARC 2.2
From teaching the fundamentals of control system design to conducting advanced research where hard-real time is critical, QUARC 2.2 offers unbeatable power and flexibility.

Key features include:

  • Full support for Simulink® external mode, including Scopes, Floating Scopes, Displays, To Workspace, online parameter tuning, etc.
  • Single or multiple PC / board configurations supported
  • Support of 64-bit and 32-bit platforms for Microsoft Windows 7 OS
  • Multi-processor support under Windows 7 for improved sampling rates and performance
  • Log data to MAT-file and M-files
  • Run Multithreaded and Multirate models
  • Run more than one model on a single target or multiple targets at the same time
  • Standalone controller execution
  • Support for multiple targets (OS’s and chipsets), such as Windows 7 (soft real-time) and QNX (hard real-time)
  • Windows-based cross compiler for gumstix boards (Linux Verdex target)
  • Flexible and extensible communications framework enabling distributed control, device interfacing, teleoperation and general interprocess communication between models and local or remote applications
  • Unified, expandable data acquisition architecture supporting cards from Quanser, National Instruments and other manufacturers
  • Support for asynchronous threads in Simulink® models – ideal for asynchronous communications, etc.
  • Full set of data streaming blocks to enable any synchronous or asynchronous communication with processes outside of the running controller
  • Protocols natively supported include TCP/IP, UDP, serial, shared memory, named pipes, ARCNET, Peak CAN, and more
  • Console for monitoring standard I/O (stdio) of a model even on a remote target
  • Support for model referencing, allowing object-oriented model design and incremental compilation and linking for accelerating the development of large models
  • Support for scope triggering and data archiving for sophisticated, large volume, data collection
  • Support for peripherals such as mouse,  keyboard and force feedback joysticks
  • Support for third-party devices ranging from the Nintendo Wiimote to KUKA robots
  • Support for the Network for Earthquake Engineering and Simulation (NEES) grid
  • Self-booting target for embedded modes
  • Network-administered license (optional)
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i-Math was incorporated in 2001 as an organization dedicated to delivering innovative high precision mathematical and control software solutions to the Educational, R&D, Engineering and Manufacturing industries in the ASEAN Region.

We offer unique and pioneeing 'state of the art' hardware and software solutions for business and educational needs.
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