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The Software Maintenance Services (SMS) provides a cost-effective way to receive product updates and bug fixes, get technical support, add new products to your license, and manage licenses online. The first year of service is included with new product licenses. You can continue uninterrupted service in subsequent years by renewing your SMS subscription annually.

What happens after the first year?

After the first year, you have the option to renew your software license based on an annual subscription basis.

How does SMS work for me?

Access to New Features

Increase your effectiveness and efficiency by using new product features delivered in general releases of Comsol.
Whenever there’s a general release, it synchronizes the full Comsol® product range that Delivers new features and bug fixes for existing products and, when available, new products.
The general release delivery model offers a number of benefits:

  • High quality and improved backward compatibility, resulting from incremental development of new features to reduce the risk of introducing incompatibilities, combined with faster delivery of bug fixes
  • Easy and efficient upgrades, since the predictable schedule enables you to plan how and when to evaluate, test, and install new releases for yourself or your organization

Direct Technical Support

Resolve technical issues and get technical solutions through telephone, e-mail, and Web assistance provided by specialized support engineers.

Ability to Add New Products

Extend your computing environment by adding products to your license at any time. The SMS subscription Plan gives you access to the latest release to ensure compatibility with new versions of Comsol products.

Bug Fixes

Receive bug fixes via twice-yearly general releases and periodic Web updates, as well as interim solutions from Technical Support.

Maintain Your Investment

Because Comsol ensures compatibility among products in the same release, a subscription to SMS ensures that you have access to the latest release and can add products to your license. If your subscription lapses, you incur back SMS charges plus a reinstatement fee to receive the latest product versions. Staying subscribed is the most cost-effective way to get the latest advances and all the support you want. If you intend to use your license for a long period of time, the most cost effective method is to stay current under the SMS plan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: Will COMSOL license ceased after the SMS expiry date? Will I still be able to use the software?

The COMSOL license is perpetual and you will still be able to use the software. However, you will not be able to enjoy the benefits of technical support and product upgrades. Technical Support is a vital factor when you purchase the software and is required for long-term usage. Product enhancements and upgrades allow you to keep up with the technology improvements.

Q2: Why do I need to pay for the transportation fees when we already paid for the SMS Plan?

Subscription for the SMS Plan involves access to the expertise of our Technical Representatives. However, transportation and other administrative charges are not included in this subscription fee.

Q3: Am I able to get upgrades if I did not subscribe for the SMS plan?

Once the maintenance for your license ends (expire), you are not entitled to the product support benefits, which include upgrades of the software.

Q4: What happens if I intend to add on new products or increase the number of users to my license?
Do I have to be subscribed to the SMS plan?

Yes, you need to be subscribed to the SMS Plan. The SMS Plan allows you to add on new products (modules/ interface products) and increase the users to your license at anytime. However if you are not subscribed to the SMS Plan, the above services will not be possible, unless you reinstate your SMS. For a more cost effective way, we recommend you to stay subscribed to the SMS plan.

Q5: Does your Technical Representative comes down and help us do installation of the software?
Will there be charges involved?

Installation process is documented as a step-by-step procedure in the package. It is not provided as a technical service under the plan. Installation request will be deemed as one support case if required. If our Technical Support Representative is required to go on-site to install, there will be transportation and man-hour charges.

Q6: What do I need to do when I call for Technical Support?

During your request for Technical support services, we would require a few items for verification purposes: i) COMSOL License Number ii) details of your problems encountered.

Q7: If my basic SMS has lapsed but my modules and interface products are still under maintenance,
will I be entitled to product upgrades?

The software maintenance service is tagged onto COMSOL, if your SMS for COMSOL has ceased it applies to the entire license which includes all the modules and interface products.