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         With Multiphysics  Simulation finding its way into more applications and      Date    : 06 June 2014, Friday
         to more userss, it adds on to the level of excitement for this year      Time    : 09.30am - 04.30pm
         COMSOL Seminar 2014!!      Venue : NTU Executive Center @ One North
                      Auditorium, Level 3
         Come and Join Us In This event, as educators, engineers, researchers  
         from a broad spectrum of Industries gathers to see the state-of-art  
         in the multiphysics simulation     Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
       Date    : 09 - 1o June 2014
         Discover how Multiphysics tools are use withing your industry and      Time   : 09.30am - 04.30pm
         how Comsol Multiphysics is used for cutting-edge research      Venue : University of Malaya
         and engineering applications.  


                   Malaysia, Penang
     Date : 11 June 2014, Wednesday
     Time : 09.30am - 04.30pm
       Venue : Universiti Sains Malaysia
  Invited Speaker from COMSOL, USA     This seminar is intended for Researchers,
  Join Us In this seminar, as our Invited Speaker Dr. Walter Frei     Engineers and Academic Professionals
  the Application Engineer from Comsol Inc  sharing its Experience and     
  Expertise in Using Comsol and  in the wide Application field.     Acoustics, Biomedical Engineering,
  Learn More about our  Speakers..     Biotechnology, Chemical engineering,
      Filter Design, Fluid Mechanics,
  COMSOL DESK SUPPORT     Geo Physics, Heat Transfer,
  Meet our Engineers one on one to discuss/address on the  technical     Mems, Nano technology
  specification/ issue  on COMSOL. If you are New or yet A COMSOL User,     Optimization, Physics,
  You can also find out from our engineers on what are the range of COMSOL Solutions     Process Control, RF Systems,
  that may suit your application needs.     Electrochemistry, Electro-& Magnetostatic
      Hydrology, Sub Surface Flow,
      Numerical Analysis PDE, FEA
      Optical Systems & Photonics, Petroleum Engineering
  More Application Coverage and Technical Demonstration     Sub Surface Flow, Semi Conductor Devices,
  Find out about the latest Comsol Modules and Application Coverage with     Structural Mechanics, System Identification
  Comsol version 4a in our series of presentations and product illustrations.     Model Calibration and Teaching
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