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  REGISTRATION for COMSOL Seminar Singapore                                                                                                       I   Visit :  COMSOL Seminar Malaysia  

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 C. Which of these application areas best describes your work? (Please select all that apply)

AC/DC Systems MEMS
Acoustics Nanotechnology
Biomedical Engineering Numerical Analysis, PDE, FEA
Biotechnology Optical Systems & Photonics
Chemical Engineering Optimization
Chemical Reaction Engineering Petroleum_Engineering&Subsurface_Flow
Electro- _Magnetostatics Physics
Electrochemistry Process_Control
Filter_Design RF_Systems
Fluid_Mechanics (CFD) Semiconductor_Devices
Geophysics Structural_Mechanics
Heat_Transfer System Identification/Model Calibration
Hydrology,Subsurface_Flow Teaching
Material_Science If others, please specify:

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