Event Overview

Quanser Technical Day – UTHM

Event Sessions

11 July 2019, 9.00am - 12.00pm




Modern, progressive, experiential lab facilities are becoming signature elements of today’s leading institutions. They are highly efficient platforms for bridging the gap between advanced theoretical and algorithm framework and real-world implementation.

Join us at this Quanser Technical Presentation to find out about the practical information on the latest Quanser tools and platforms for delivering effective labs for your teaching & Research.

Topics Include:

  • Control Systems
    • for Electrical, Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering
  • Robotics
    • Mobile Robotics, Manipulator Robotics, Open Architecture Research Robots, Telerobotic & Haptics
  • Aerospace Control & Dynamics
    • Flight Control, Autonomous & Unmanned Vehicle Systems
  • Earthquake Engineering & Structural Dynamics

About the Speaker

Murtaza Bohra received his Bachelor of Applied Science, Aerospace Engineering from the University of Toronto and his Master’s Degree, Space Mechatronic and Mobile Robotics from the University of Toronto Institute of Aerospace Studies.

He is currently an Unmanned Systems Engineer in Quanser Consulting Inc, developing the software and control architecture for autonomous vehicles, with a focus on swarming capabilities, both for research and teaching. Murtaza is highly proficient in QUARC, MATLAB and Simulink. He works on the application level using these tools as the core development environment. He also focuses on academically appropriate levels of abstraction, as well as improving the usability and functionality pool for end-users.

Prior to this, he served as the Engineering Curriculum Specialist, developing and mapping curriculum of Universities to ensure relevance to Quanser’s solutions. Murtaza has taught and mentored students both at the undergraduate and secondary level. He also has research stint in both University Duisburg Essen and National University of Singapore.

His research interest and past projects include “Power Subsystem Option Analysis for Micro-robotic Dragonfly”, “RC Aircraft and Designing the Electro-mechanical components of Battery Sorting Machine”. Some of his publications include “Thinking and Talking in Multi-Vehicle Research”, “An Evolutionary Approach to Feline Rover Gait Planning” and “CPG-based Online Trajectory Generation for Quadruped Rovers”.