Acoustics Module

Acoustics Module

Software for Acoustics and Vibration Analysis

Image made using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and is provided courtesy of COMSOL.

Simulation of the acoustics inside a sedan, including sound sources at the loudspeaker locations.

Acoustics Module

Bringing Acoustics and Vibration Analysis to a New Level

The Acoustics Module is designed specifically for those who work with devices that produce, measure, and utilize acoustic waves. Application areas include speakers, microphones, hearing aids, and sonar devices, to name a few. Noise control can be addressed in muffler design, sound barriers, buildings, and room acoustics applications.

Gain Insight Into New and Existing Products and Designs

Straightforward user interfaces provide tools for modeling acoustic pressure wave propagation in air, water, and other fluids. Dedicated modeling tools for thermoviscous acoustics enable highly accurate simulation of miniaturized speakers and microphones in handheld devices. You can also model vibrations and elastic waves in solids, piezoelectric materials, and poroelastic structures.

Multiphysics interfaces for acoustic-solid, acoustic-shell, and piezo-acoustics couplings bring your acoustic simulations to a new level of predictive power. Aeroacoustic problems can be modeled using one of several linearized equation approaches. Room and outdoor acoustics problems can be modeled using ray tracing or acoustic diffusion methods.

By using realistic simulations in 1D, 2D, 2D axisymmetry, or 3D, you can optimize existing products and design new products more quickly. Simulations also help designers, researchers, and engineers to gain insight into problems that are difficult to handle experimentally. By testing a design before manufacturing it, companies save both time and money.

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