CFD Module

CFD Module

Your Multiphysics Solution for Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulations

Image made using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and is provided courtesy of COMSOL.

Comparison of the flow field in a 2D approximation with the 3D model of a baffled, turbulent reactor.

CFD Module

Simulation Software for All Fluid Flow Applications

The CFD Module is a numerical simulation platform for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) that accurately describes your fluid flow processes and engineering designs. Using the CFD Module, you can model most aspects of fluid flow, including compressible, nonisothermal, non-Newtonian, multiphase, and porous media flows — all in the laminar and turbulent flow regimes. For full control over your CFD models, you also have the option to input your own equations into the software. The CFD Module can be used together with the other modules from the COMSOL® product suite to run multiphysics simulations where fluid flow is important.

The CFD Module GUI grants you full access to all steps in the modeling process. This includes the following steps:

  • Selecting the appropriate description of the flow, for example single-phase or two-phase, laminar or turbulent flows, etc.
  • Creating or importing the model geometry
  • Defining the fluid properties
  • Adding source and sink terms, or editing the underlying equations of the fluid model, if required
  • Selecting mesh elements and controlling the density of the mesh at different positions
  • Selecting solvers and tuning them, if required

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