Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

Software for Modeling Mass and Energy Balances and Chemical Reactions

Image made using the COMSOL Multiphysics® software and is provided courtesy of COMSOL.

A plate reactor where chemical reactions occur throughout and reacting chemicals are introduced at two points in the reactor.

Chemical Reaction Engineering Module

Perfect for All Unit Operations in Chemical & Process Industries

Optimizing chemical reactors, filtration equipment, mixers, and other processes is made easy with the Chemical Reaction Engineering Module. It contains the tools for you to simulate material transport and heat transfer together with arbitrary chemical kinetics in all types of environments – gases, liquids, porous media, on surfaces, and within solid phases – or combinations of all of these. This makes it perfect for all facets of the chemical and process industries, and even within environmental engineering where the “process unit” or “chemical reactor” is the environment surrounding you.

Convection & Diffusion with Arbitrary Chemical Kinetics

The Chemical Reaction Engineering Module contains intuitive user interfaces for you to define material transport in dilute and concentrated solutions or mixtures through convection, diffusion, and ionic migration of an arbitrary number of chemical species. These are easily connected to definitions of reversible, irreversible, and equilibrium reaction kinetics that can be described by the Arrhenius equation, or any arbitrary rate law, where the effects of concentration and temperature on the kinetics can be included. The interface for defining chemical reactions is straightforward as chemical formulas and equations are entered essentially as you would write them on paper. COMSOL sets up the appropriate reaction expressions using the mass action law, which you can alter or override as you desire. The stoichiometry in your reaction formulas is used to automatically define mass and energy balances, either for homogeneous or heterogeneous reactor conditions; in bulk or on surfaces.

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