Multibody Dynamics Module

Multibody Dynamics Module

Software for Analyzing Assemblies of Rigid and Flexible Bodies

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Analysis of the swashplate mechanism to control orientation of helicopter rotor blades. Transient simulation with both rigid and flexible blade designs provides insight into useful performance metrics such as blade deformation and lift force.

Multibody Dynamics Module

Tools for Designing and Optimizing Multibody Systems

The Multibody Dynamics Module is an expansion of the Structural Mechanics Module that provides an advanced set of tools for designing and optimizing multibody structural mechanics systems using finite element analysis (FEA). The module enables you to simulate mixed systems of flexible and rigid bodies, where each body may be subjected to large rotational or translational displacements. Such analyses help identify critical points in your multibody systems, thus enabling you to perform more detailed component-level structural analyses. The Multibody Dynamics Module also gives you the freedom to analyze forces experienced by segments of the structure, and stresses generated in flexible components that may lead to failure due to large deformation or fatigue.

Utilize a Library of Joints

A library of predefined joints is included in the module so that you can easily and robustly specify the relationships between different components of a multibody system, where the components are interconnected such that only a certain type of motion is allowed between them. Joints connect two components through attachments, where one component moves independently in space while the other is constrained to follow a particular motion, depending on the joint type. The joint types in the Multibody Dynamics Module are generic to the extent that they can model any type of connection. Researchers and engineers can thereby design accurate multibody structural mechanics models, using the following joint types:

  • Prismatic (3D, 2D)
  • Hinge (3D, 2D)
  • Cylindrical (3D)
  • Screw (3D)
  • Planar (3D)
  • Ball (3D)
  • Slot (3D)
  • Reduced Slot (3D, 2D)
  • Fixed Joint (2D,3D)
  • Distance Joint (2D,3D)
  • Universal Joint (3D)

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